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Nagasaki Shibaz, Missing 1155, and Rebranding 3/28/22

Koromaru Inu is back, baby!

The Koro rebranding is in motion! Now with our own play2earn game, NFT collections, and NFT platform. Koromaru has never been more bullish. Make sure to follow us on our socials to stay up to date! More details and updates on Missing 1155 and NFTs coming soon.

Current Projects

Missing 1155


Play to earn multiplayer NFT anime waifu survival horror game made by SquidDogs for Koromaru Inu. If nobody survives, there's no reward. But the more players who live, the less every player earns! There's no such thing as friendly fire, just tying up loose ends.

Nagasaki Shibaz & KoroNodes

Nagasaki Shibaz is an NFT avatar collection that will cement Koromaru Inu as an industry leader in the world of crypto. Each set of Nagasaki Shibaz  contains 32 unique NFTs that when all bought enable us to start the first Koromaru Node. 
It takes 32 Ethereum to stake a node on the Ethereum network. Each Nagasaki Shibaz NFT has a pricefloor of 1.5 ETH so that each holder of the 32 NFTs will receive rewards from the node as long as it is in their wallet. 50% of rewards go to NFT holders, and the remaining is to be used by the Koromaru team for buybacks, development, and marketing.
With each Nagasaki Shibaz set and node completed, the Koro community is guaranteed a future a healthy chart regardless of market conditions. 

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In Development

Missing 1155 Manga

Survival Horror Thriller

Witness the horror that is Missing 1155 in its pure state, a full serialized  manga with scheduled updates as NFTs on the blockchain.

NFT Waifu Public Bath Lounge

VR Lounge

You'll be able to enjoy some personal warm up time before the battle begins.

Nagasaki Shibaz Season Two

Koro Node #2

After series #1 is sold out and the first KoroNode is live, another 32 unique Nagasaki Shibaz NFT's will be minted. 

Koro Card Kollection

NFT Card Collection

To be integrated into Missing 1155, and to also accompany the manga in future card releases. Cards will have odd and surprising in-game effects, abilities, and buffs.

NFT Collections

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G-1 Shibaz 1

1 of 1

G-2 Shibaz 2

1 of 1

Issue #1

1 of ???

There's no game over for Koromaru.

Recently placed under SquidDogs management, the Koromaru community has proven time and time again that nothing can stop Koro from becoming a true legend in the industry.

Combining artistic prowess, memetic power, DeFi experience, and game design, the new Koro team wants one thing... To combine the things they love into a functional and fun DeFi project that rewards holders for interacting with the ecosystem and helps lessen the burden of wage slavery through art appreciation on the blockchain.

Koromaru Inu Token
Total Supply

50% Burnt
14% Presale
5% Team Wallets
30% Liquidity

Tokens Relocked every 6 months (Click here for txn hash.)









Quarter 1 (Jan - March 22)

SquidDogs Takeover*
Develop P2E System*
Organic Growth*
Website relaunch-
Nagasaki Shibaz-
Missing 1155-
NFT Platform Onramp-

3500 Holders

Quarter 2 ( April - June )

Nagasaki Shibaz Season2
Advertising Revenue-
NFT Node Staking-
1st teaser of Manga-
Missing 1155 Expansion-

10,000 Holders

Quarter 3 (July - September)

VR Public bath-
New NFT Collection -
First NFT Manga Volume Released-

25000+ Holders

Quarter 4 (October - Jan 2023)

To be announced based on community consensus and completion of development cycles.

The most BASED team in crypto.

Koromaru Inu has an in-house team of game designers, devlopers, and artists building out an entire ecosystem of utility centered around what we love most.
Anime, memes, and crypto.

With over 100 years of combined blockchain and digital wizard experience, we here at Koromaru are doxxed and always working for our community.

Studio Staff

Wut Honker

Project Management/Solidity Dev/Game Designer

Chad Honkler

Art Director/Game Designer


Developer/Game Designer


Operations/Marketing Director


3D Artist

Lemon Sprinkles

Human Resources


Audio Engineer


Community Manager

Studio Soundcloud

SquidDogs team AMA's and original music.

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